CSM (Retired) Douglas Maddi

Distinguished Member of the Regiment

Sergeant Major Maddi served as the 1st Battalion 509th Infantry (ABN) from June 2008 to June 2009. While serving with the 'G Men' Sergeant Major Maddi was instrumental in redefining the traditional role of the OPFOR. The Battalion not only participated in training 12 Brigade Combat teams as the OPFOR but the Battalion also transitioned to serve as host nation security forces. That transition better replicated the environment that brigade combat teams would be deployed to. Sergeant Major Maddi mentored over 40 Soldiers to become Noncommissioned officers while serving as the Command Sergeant Major of the battalion. Sergeant Major Maddi also kept up the historical values of the Airborne by ensuring the battalion participated in an annual Dining in as well as a battalion prop blast. These event ensured the morale and esprit de corps of the battalion maintained the highest traditions of the airborne forces.

After serving with the 509th Sergeant Major Maddi continued to have a huge impact on the airborne forces in his position as the Command Sergeant Major of PEO Soldier. Sergeant Major Maddi ensured the Army's new parachutes the T11 and MC 11 were the best and safest static line parachutes that could be produced for the airborne and special operations community. Additionally, Sergeant Maddi was able to increase the lethality and survivability of all Soldier by spearheading improvements of the M4 rifle to the M4A1; and being at the fore front of improvements to the army ballistic helmets to be able to stop rifle rounds as well as the adoption of the Army's Operational Camouflage pattern. Sergeant Major Maddi's influence not only for the airborne community but also the rest of the Army will be seen for decades to come, and his action bring credit upon the 509th Infantry Airborne Regiment. All The Way!


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